The Commitment Continues

15 Mar 2017 5:50 AM | Willie Flowers (Administrator)

"The Commitment" newsletter was  once the source of information of the Howard County Branch - NAACP for many years. For many reasons, like many things in our community, that tradition ended. 

The newsletter format was in print so it could have gone the way of other print mags, newsletters and newspapers. Simply put, when paper became more expensive many had to shut-down or change the format. Ebony, Jet, Emerge and many others change in some way. They are all only shells of their former selves. They also ceased being the primary source of information about news on the civil rights front. 

As well, the people changed. Most readers today get their information on-line by quick read formats and whatever is easy gets read. More importantly, if the headline is sensational it will get coverage even if that headline is misleading and has nothing to do with the less substantial real story. 

As we all know, civil and human rights work is not sensational all the time and organizing is not easy work. In fact, it takes more time to explain why there should be a meeting, march or protest. During that period the setting for why to demonstrate could have changed. 

The choice is to adjust to the times or die out. As you explained, The Commitment had died but now it is time to revive it and this his how we will do it?

First, this website will serve has "The Commitment" moving forward. It will be our source of information and the central Blog to be written by me will be called "The Commitment." We will update you on everything going on with the Howard County Branch #2070, State Conference and National Office. As well, where there is need we will keep you up to date on political, educational and pertinent social happenings in and around Howard County, MD so that you stay informed. We will also invite local writers to post and express themselves on this page. Again, it will take work but we will do our best to being regular with updates. 

There will be will be a rebirth in the expectations of the NAACP because we will be on the frontline of support for our community and the growth of people being left out of the mainstream of progress. We don't want families to be forgotten and it is our job to make sure their voices and needs are heard.....this is Our commitment. 

The Commitment Continues!

Willie Flowers 

President, Howard County Branch NAACP #7020

@hccommitment on twitter 


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